Rounding Off The Long Weekend

Last day of my long weekend, and it’s more or less a continuation of what I’ve been doing yesterday… except a whole lot more fail, as far as my World of Tanks career is concerned.  I pretty much erased whatever gains I made over the past three days, and then some.  Yeah, I suck at tier 9s it seems, and I’ve dragged down my play records as a result. Ugh.  I’m even worse off than I started with (back down to 56.38% from a high of 56.49%). 

So what does this tell me?  That I better quit while I’m ahead, really.

That aside, being on tilt meant that I was able to get time to continue watching Yama no Susume S2.  Managed to get up to episode 16, so just a few more to go until the end of the season.  Then maybe I’d get to Nozaki-kun…

Anime Watched: Kekkai Sensen, Yama no Susume S2.

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