Back To The Usual Routines

June 30, 2015

Now things have more or less settled down here at home, it’s going to be back to the usual routine for work from this point on. My absence yesterday, coupled with the PTO I took for the trip back to Bacolod, will definitely sting next payday, but at least I won’t have to be worried about the laundry for the next few days, which I would have been worrying about, had we not taken care of it last night (and through some of the early morning too).

Speaking of laundry, I’m kind of impressed at how my father was able to lug the pile of clothes that was the aftermath of the washing machine session outside this morning.  He was already in the rinsing process by the time I went downstairs, at any rate, so I just helped move things along by putting out those clothes that were mostly finished out to dry… except we soon ran out of space on the laundry line, as well as clips and hangers for everything.  Hmm.

By the way, it was payday, though it didn’t really feel like it.  That’s probably because I couldn’t withdraw all my money (I left behind 3800 pesos, which I’ll have to do for the next two paydays as well, in preparation for the next round of insurance premium payments), which left me with about six thousand five-hundred to deposit into my bank account… which promptly got deducted even more, since I had to pay off the 3300-odd peso credit card bill I had for the month.  Sigh.

The rest of the day passed without incident, though as usual I wished I had slept more soundly during the afternoon. Ah well. At least the pancakes I cooked during the morning turned out really well.


Back Home, Stuffed, And Quite Drenched

June 29, 2015

Honestly, I’ve been pretty extraneous to the whole wedding in general, and most of what I’ve done since we went to Bacolod was to eat, and sleep.  Really, I’ve only really been able to contribute this morning, where I helped cooked the food that would serve as the lunch after the house blessing of my grandmother’s place.  Really.

Oh, and it rained really hard after the reception… and this continued on for us after we got back home, where it started to really pour the moment I got off the bus at our neighborhood and walked to the house.  Wonderful isn’t it?

Anyway, since we left a week’s worth of laundry before we left for the province, and added something like four days worth more to it, I’m going to have to pass off going to work tonight. There’s so much laundry to do that we had to break out our washing machine (which, surprise surprise, still works).  It’s gonna be a long evening, for sure.

First Day Back In Bacolod

June 27, 2015

Well, our flight pretty much went without hitch, and even the baby was well-behaved during the time leading up to the flight itself.  Barring some turbulence a few minutes after lift-off, it was smooth sailing, so to speak, until we touched down at the airport at Silay.

We waited half an hour (during which time we had some iced cream at the cafe located at the airport waiting area), before we were finally picked up by my cousin’s husband.  From there, it was another half-hour drive to Bacolod proper, though we didn’t go straight to my uncle’s house (where we were to stay for the next three-odd days), and picked up my cousin and her kid at the McDonalds close to the school my nephew attended.

Only after that did we head toward my uncle’s house, where we were met by Lola Fe.  We carried the bags inside, but apparently my sister had other ideas — in return for paying for the food we ate before our flight (at the Jollibee in NAIA 3, which had a whole lot more other restaurants now than I remembered) — and it was off to Manukan Country beside SM for some early-afternoon eating.

After I’d withdrawn some money to actually pay for my sister’s sudden chicken cravings, it was off to one of the inasal stores that the family here in Bacolod usually frequented.  Ironically, when we arrived, the place was being used as the location for the public hearing that was supposed to discuss the future of the Manukan Country businesses (because apparently the city government was thinking of either privatizing the location, or selling it off, neither which would sit well with the chicken inasal restaurants there).  So it was kind of a strange experience, with the five of us (myself, my father, Lola Fe, my sister and her son) eating petso-pak and baticolon all the while there was this loud argument going on between representatives of the local government and the owners of the inasal stalls less than twenty feet away).

Anyway, after we finished, it was back to my uncle’s place at Alijis.  My sister, my father, and the baby, headed off to practice, but that was it for me.  I went to bed, and more or less slept through the evening, and was only interrupted during the evening when my sister complained about my snoring… at which I went back to sleep anyway.

Me and the family woke relatively early (around half an hour past six), and though I joined in with breakfast and even took a bath and changed, I’m pretty extraneous to the proceedings.  So here I am, updating my journal.

My uncle’s place doesn’t have any internet, by the way, so I’m making do with a peso-net place located close by.  A peso coin for six minutes doesn’t sound too bad, and it’s not like I’m going to need to play games here anyway…. Though it’s currently raining hard while I’m typing this, so I’m kind of stuck here for a while.

Going Off For A While, Again

June 25, 2015

While it’s a normal shift for me tonight, I’m going to have to head straight home afterward, as it’s off to the airport for the family again.  As scheduled, we’re heading back to Negros for my cousin’s wedding, and we’re going to be staying there again for four days or so.  So, unless I can get a connection or my sister brings her wireless internet with her, there’s not going to be any journal updates for a while.

Of course, this kinds of means that I’m going to have to make myself scarce, as far as the company of some of my uncles go, after what happened in the aftermath of my grandfather’s funeral a few months ago.  As if that was possible for four days…

As far as work goes, I’m kind of worried, because apparently the team assistant was preparing something for me (I saw her reviewing some of the calls I had over the past few days), so I’m bracing for some criticism tonight.  Ugh.  

Anyway, need to do some last-minute checking of the stuff I’m bringing with me.  Hopefully I can squeeze in my slippers, toothpaste, and breath gargle… 

Could Really Be Doing Better

June 24, 2015

I didn’t really mess up badly in any of my calls last night, but in hindsight, there are two that I wish I could have resolved, well, quicker.  I understand that, in taking Service calls, spending twenty minutes on a case isn’t going to be unusual, but I felt afterward that I could have easily cut down the length of each by half had I just paid more attention during the training proper. Ugh.

Well, what’s done is done. I just hope that the 3rd party I talked to during the forty minute plus call doesn’t hold me to actually owing up to all possible market losses the client may incur because they can’t make a transfer due to not having the proper paperwork.  I’d hate that…

On other work-related notes, apparently the bosses at Minneapolis have pushed for us to move our schedule for the second week of Phone Lab half an hour earlier, as they’re anticipating a spike in call volume… except they seem to have forgotten that, as we’re on the training queue, the calls we’d receive would be reduced anyway, though I suppose every little bit helps.

Woke up a little earlier in the afternoon than I’d have liked, and as a result I’m feeling a little sleepy, which might be a bad thing later on once the shift starts.  Gonna have to stock up on cola and coffee, I guess.

Avoided It, For Now

June 23, 2015

So far, so good. I didn’t cause any major screw-ups last night, though there were calls where, in hindsight, I could have given a far better solution.  Buh.  Have to continue to pay attention to the details and cues of the customers, moving forward this week.

Aside from that though, somewhat slow day at the floor, especially with the reduced number of calls due to being on Phone Lab.  Still annoying how two of the team more or less slept through the entire shift, and only logged in after our team assistant Kooh pointed it out.  Then again, the same two are the ones who’re actually on their way to Tier 2, so I suppose they could be given some leeway…

Tried to get more sleep once I got home, though this time around I wasn’t as successful.  While it wasn’t hot, I guess there was still a lot on my mind, as I wasn’t able to relax until around noontime, and by that point I decided to just turn on the a/c and hope for the best. 

I’m kind of hoping that it doesn’t rain tonight, on the way to work, if only to reduce the amount of mud I’d encounter on the way to the MRT station.

Bracing For That Shock

June 22, 2015

Tonight’s the start of Phone Lab, which means we’re going to be taking in live calls again, albeit at a regulated manner.  While technically it’s okay to still mess up at this phase (as we won’t be docked if we do), after the little interview I had at the end of last week, well, needless to say that I’m a bit on guard.

So yes, I desperately do not want to screw up (too badly) tonight, or in the next two weeks for that matter.  Which sounds like I’m tempting fate at this rate, so I’ll stop…

On the bright side, while I woke up a bit early, I think I’ve managed to get enough rest, and what’s more, finished my packing for Friday’s trip… Though my usual travel bag looks a little more bloated than usual, so I might have to take some stuff out, if only to be able to fit in my slippers and extra shoes (need a pair for casual use, and another for the actual wedding), and whatever toiletries I’d need.

And now… to try to have my nerves settle down before I head off to the office.

Anime Watched: Hello! Kin-iro Mosaic.