Back To The Usual Routines

Now things have more or less settled down here at home, it's going to be back to the usual routine for work from this point on. My absence yesterday, coupled with the PTO I took for the trip back to Bacolod, will definitely sting next payday, but at least I won't have to be worried … Continue reading Back To The Usual Routines

Back Home, Stuffed, And Quite Drenched

Honestly, I've been pretty extraneous to the whole wedding in general, and most of what I've done since we went to Bacolod was to eat, and sleep.  Really, I've only really been able to contribute this morning, where I helped cooked the food that would serve as the lunch after the house blessing of my … Continue reading Back Home, Stuffed, And Quite Drenched

First Day Back In Bacolod

Well, our flight pretty much went without hitch, and even the baby was well-behaved during the time leading up to the flight itself.  Barring some turbulence a few minutes after lift-off, it was smooth sailing, so to speak, until we touched down at the airport at Silay. We waited half an hour (during which time … Continue reading First Day Back In Bacolod

Going Off For A While, Again

While it's a normal shift for me tonight, I'm going to have to head straight home afterward, as it's off to the airport for the family again.  As scheduled, we're heading back to Negros for my cousin's wedding, and we're going to be staying there again for four days or so.  So, unless I can … Continue reading Going Off For A While, Again

Could Really Be Doing Better

I didn't really mess up badly in any of my calls last night, but in hindsight, there are two that I wish I could have resolved, well, quicker.  I understand that, in taking Service calls, spending twenty minutes on a case isn't going to be unusual, but I felt afterward that I could have easily … Continue reading Could Really Be Doing Better

Avoided It, For Now

So far, so good. I didn't cause any major screw-ups last night, though there were calls where, in hindsight, I could have given a far better solution.  Buh.  Have to continue to pay attention to the details and cues of the customers, moving forward this week. Aside from that though, somewhat slow day at the … Continue reading Avoided It, For Now

Bracing For That Shock

Tonight's the start of Phone Lab, which means we're going to be taking in live calls again, albeit at a regulated manner.  While technically it's okay to still mess up at this phase (as we won't be docked if we do), after the little interview I had at the end of last week, well, needless … Continue reading Bracing For That Shock

Relaxation, Trepidation

I can't really claim that I used my time today wisely.  While I woke up somewhat early, it was to the front of the PC for me, since I reasoned that it wouldn't do to try doing chores while it was still dark.  And while I did eventually clean my room, going so far as … Continue reading Relaxation, Trepidation

Felt Like I Was Put On The Spot

The mock calls last night went somewhat well -- we had a single preparatory call that was officiated by our team lead, which was followed by two from the Minneapolis coaches.  I did somewhat well, but that was only because the calls by the coaches literally went over material that our supervisor briefed us on … Continue reading Felt Like I Was Put On The Spot

Last Stop At The Station

In the scheme of things, we had a really slow day last night.  Rain aside, we just finished off the turns of the team members who hadn't had their mock calls the other day, then went back up to the training rooms.  There we pretty much dozed until after lunchtime, where we had a bit … Continue reading Last Stop At The Station