Something That Slipped My Mind

It turns out, if you’re in enough of a hurry, you can forget stuff you’re usually used to doing.  In my case, it was putting in a journal entry, so here I am making up for it today.

Let’s see, last night was the start of service training, so I tried to go to the office right and early… unfortunately this got me stuck in one of the long lines I’ve come to expect at MRT stations during evenings.  I did eventually arrive an hour and fifteen minutes early, but at that point I was already tired and sweaty.  At that I said the heck with it, deposited my things barring my phone in my locker, then went to the sleeping quarters.  There I dozed (or tried to catch some shuteye) for fifty minutes, and headed off to the room for the training proper.

Not really surprised at the amount of information dumped on our laps during the first day, this time focusing on check stops and re-issues, followed by statement resending.  While on the surface it seems easy, it’s one of those things where if you don’t take it slow and ask a lot of questions from the caller, you’re bound to get in trouble.  Have to keep on my toes for that one.

That said, it would have been very very to fall asleep during the lesson proper, but somehow I managed to avoid doing so.  I’d say it was because of the pre-class nap, but it’s likely more due to the cola I imbibed during the first break.

I was still glad to get home though, as since we were dismissed later than our usual shift, we had to feel the full brunt of the morning sunshine.  Really looked forward to turning on the a/c before turning in after that.

Tonight I expect more of the same, though since I need to buy a new MRT prepaid card, this means more standing in crowded lines again. Sigh.

Anime Watched: Re-Kan.


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