Admittedly All My Fault This Time

I didn’t have much sleep this afternoon.  It’s all my fault though, as I spent way more time on playing World of Tanks when I got home than I should have.  Once more nuked any of the gains I had over the morning too.  Sigh.  I should learn to quit when I’m ahead at this point.

It’s almost the end of the work week, and I can honestly say that we’re mostly surviving our first week of service training.  Mostly.  We’ve had noticeable difficulty of keeping awake, admittedly, but at least we’ve actually finished off the material in our review booklet.  At this point, we’re expecting more practical tests of our learning… Which probably means mock-calls.

It rained today, around mid-afternoon in fact.  It did absolutely nothing to dispel the heat from the day though.


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