Needed To Be Taken, After All

Because of the fact that the class more or less blew the review material, we spent most of last night’s shift… resting.  While the class participated in a line-of-business related Jeopardy game, the bulk of our assigned study time was spent napping instead.  Our instructor, who was also our floor team lead, didn’t really mind though, as everyone seemed to have answered the review questions (mostly) to his satisfaction.

However, it looks like we’re still going to have to take yet another English enhancement class, this time starting tonight, and bundled in for the first two hours of our sessions for this month.  We’re still mostly wondering why though, but I suppose it’s one of those inscrutable  management decisions.

In any case, I was able to nap a full hour before the review class last night (because there was a free bunk this time around in the 7th floor sleeping quarters), and I hope I’d be able to do so again tonight.


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