Sitting Away The Sunday

As promised, my father went out to my sister’s house today, with the requested rice brought with him.  He left before lunch time, which meant that I was more or less left alone at the house for most of the day.

Didn’t really do much though.  I did clean my room a bit, but the vast majority of my day was spent in front of my laptop and desktop PCs, doing assorted things on them (though they all eventually returned to playing video games, heh).  Also watched some anime, though it’s really just catching up on the rest of Yama no Susume.  

Father came home at around eight.  Since I didn’t really prepare anything for dinner (since I just dined on the fried rice he left early in the day, plus the viand we had from last night), he’s just started on cooking some rice for himself.  Oh, and he brought in the laundry as well.

Went out during the afternoon, and allowed myself to get a massage.  It’s going to be the last I’m going have for a while though, until payday again, at least.

Feeling a little sleepy, so might as well turn in early. Also he might ask me to wake up during the wee hours again, and help him drag the garbage over to the collection area.

Anime Watched: Yama no Susume S2, Kekkai Sensen.


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