Upping Up The Ante

I woke up early today, which signaled how I needed to do some schedule re-adjustment again before my work week started.  I busied myself during the time that I was awake — in the four hour period before I had to go to bed again — and in that period saw to it that our  supply of ramen and pancit canton was replenished.  Too bad I wasn’t able to buy more mouthwash as well, as there weren’t any Listerine bottle bigger than 500 ml being sold.  I might have to see if there are any of that size at the Mercury Drug beside Sykes instead…

Oh, and I’ve managed to get Kantai Collection to play on my desktop again.  Yay.

Work-wise, it’s the second week of service training, and this is supposedly where things get “complicated”, as our team lead mentioned last week.  As far as yours truly is concerned, this meant getting as much rest as possible in preparation, to keep awake during class.  I’ll have to see whether that yields any results later on though, especially since my sleep wasn’t entirely uninterrupted — it was hot again as usual during the afternoon, and even though it rained for a bit around three or so, it did little to dissipate the heat.

Anime Watched: Kin’iro Mosaic, Kekkai Sensen.


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