Not Knowing When To Call It Quits

Our review session last night didn’t quite go as planned.  Half of the class couldn’t access the remote server that our programs were in.  That meant that we weren’t able to use the database to answer much of the exercises that came after each segment, which probably annoyed our instructor a lot.  An IT specialist was eventually called in, but since the initial advise to power-cycle the units we were using didn’t work, I had to settle for transferring from one unit to another, until I finally found one that could access the remote server.

That happened with barely two hours left in the shift. And then, less than an hour left into our shift, the IT personnel finally came up, and made it so the workstations at the training room we were using could access the remote servers again.

It rained again today, at least, during the late afternoon anyway.  Much like yesterday, however, it did little to dissipate the heat, and in the end I was forced to use the a/c again just to go to sleep.

As for the title of this entry, that’s referring to how I somehow managed to depth charge my play record on World of Tanks this morning. Again.  I seem to be going in a cycle in this game, where I win a dozen matches (which improves my play record), only to lose a score more afterward (which worsens the play record).  And I seem to miss all the signs of a tilt, and yet I bullheadedly persist in playing. Ugh.  I’m so demoralized that I’m going to have to ignore the game for a while.


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