Half-Asleep, Half-Awake

It’s a good thing that our instructor didn’t mind too much whenever we dozed off in class.  Of course it this meant at times that we’d miss out on some important information, but at the very least he did a recap at the end for those who did.  Though in my case, it would have been more surprising if I didn’t fall asleep, even a little, as I didn’t have much rest during the afternoon as I’d like.

And of course, it was all my fault to begin with.  I’d been (somewhat obsessively) trying to finish the set of missions in World of Tanks that would unlock the Stug IV for me, as well as another female crewmember.  Of course, given the randomness of maps and team composition, plus ignoring “tilt”, this meant that my play records have suffered tremendously; I went from having a 56.38 winrate this morning, to 56.34 at the end of it, down from the 56.44 I stood at last Friday. Ugh.

I can’t say that it was worth it either.  “Salty” is not even approaching the frustration I’m feeling as a result.  Hopefully I can make up for it, but it’s gonna be an uphill climb for a while.

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium.


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