Preparing For What’s To Come

Despite my thoughts about it last night, I still wasn’t able to avoid falling asleep yesterday during the class proper.  Of course, this got me into a bit of trouble, from our instructor, as well as more ribbing from the class.  It seems that an hour of sleep before the class still wasn’t enough after all, as I kept fading in and out of consciousness for the rest of the shift.  Buh.

I was still able to answer one of the class questions, though it took me a whole to gather all the information I needed from our online knowledge base though.  It was still pretty pathetic though, especially since you’re expected to answer promptly when you’re on a call.

In any case, tonight we start on our call practice, in prep for the actual call simulation we’re going to experience on Monday and Tuesday.  This is going to be rough…

Oh, and it turned out that it was our payday last night.  The problem?  Since it’s a holiday today, I wasn’t able to put the money into the bank.  Ugh.

You know what? I’m just going to spend the weekend sleeping. 


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