Water And Even More Water

Since I’m going to the office early tomorrow for the medical check-up, I’ve had to go on a bit of a fast since this morning.  More or less going to have to go without eating for twenty-four hours, so it’s just water for yours truly for the time being.  Of course, this just leaves me a bit grumpy and lethargic, so I might have to just turn in early as well.

That aside, there’s also the fact that it’s time once more to go to the market to buy stuff for my weekly packed lunches… and I have to apparently do the laundry, specifically for the bed and pillow sheets.  Mhmm.

All this, then it’s off to the bank to deposit (what’s left) of the salary I got this Thursday, then come ten it’s off to the office.  Hopefully the medical check-up doesn’t take too long…

Anime Watched: Danmachi.


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