Getting What Could Be Done Quickly Out Of The Way

I woke up early as promised to do the laundry, and did it comparatively quickly, especially when you consider the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday morning.  In fact, by the time my father came back at around seven-thirty, most of the pillow and bed sheets were already hung to dry.

I had to wait a bit for the bank to open, so I took a bath and got changed in between.  Come nine, I went to the bank to deposit (what’s left) of my salary from last week.  There was a bit of a queue however, so I spent around twenty minutes there before my number was finally called.  With my money finally deposited however, I had to do quick pass back to the house to retrieve my work ID before I headed off to the office for my medical exam.

It went really quickly, all things considered.  I think the most difficult part for me was somehow producing a stool sample, which was really difficult since I hadn’t actually eaten anything for twenty-four hours.  When I did finally give something out, it still made me wonder if it’d be enough, given how minuscule it was. Oh well…

After all that was over, I treated myself to a heavy meal — two in fact, with one being a Korean bibimbab, followed by McDonalds takeout (in this case, large double-cheeseburger with large coke and fries).  Filling.  In fact, I can still feel what I’ve eaten, even after I’ve gone to sleep and woken up.

With that done, all I have to worry about for tonight will be the simulated calls during the first hour or so of our shift. Ugh.  That’s something, right there.


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