Slipping, Then Getting Back Up

There was a feeling of trepidation last night.  Not only was it our return to the work floor after two weeks, it was also the day for our mock calls, and everyone was feeling anxious.  It did not help that the actual calls came in an hour late, which meant we were left to our devices for a while.  Even the quick huddle by our team lead didn’t do much to ease our jitters.

We had been scheduled to take in four calls, but in the end we just received two, as matters needed the attention more of our coaches from Minneapolis (meaning that the queue was overflowing, as usual).  I’d like to claim that I did good, but it was something like a sixty to fifty ratio for me.  It’s a start I suppose.

The rest of our shift was occupied with more lessons on the 6th floor.  More things to clutter our minds with.  I’ll be very surprised if we remember half of it by the end of the week.

I’m a little bummed out that I haven’t even watched any anime from this week yet.  Hopefully I can change that by tomorrow.


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