A Bit Out Of Routine

Last night’s shift actually proceeded a lot more slowly than usual, and indeed, we didn’t actually start up with the lesson proper (case corrections and whatnot) until after the first break.  This was because our team leader was waiting for confirmation as to whether or not we would be making mock calls for the evening.  So the class more or less spent the first two hours napping in the training room… which wasn’t really to bad, all things considered.

However what was surprising was how we were eventually called downstairs to take in some regular calls, as apparently the queue was getting hammered.  So sometime around two o’clock Central we went down to the workfloor, logged in, and took in (Transaction) calls until we were told to log off our systems at around five-thirty Central.  

The “fun” part?  Since part of the system was down, we had to do our processing via Mainframe, which meant that things happened semi-manually.  Not surprisingly, this caused more than a bit of panic, as most of us were rusty with Mainframe…

After that, we spent the last hour back upstairs, finishing up what was left of the class.  We’re still not quite sure if we’re going to get mock calls tonight however, but it’s safe to assume that we might (as there are less calls during the middle of the week to take away the attention of the coaches)…

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