Admittedly, It Didn’t Go Too Well

While the first half of the shift started out somewhat slowly, and was occupied with more Language enhancement, the second half that came out of lunch could have gone better, to say the least.  There was more mock calls to be had, and we had to return to the work floor for it again… And it just so happened that I was the first to be picked. Lucky me.

And to be frank, I kind of made a hash of it.  While I had all the information in front me, it took a frightfully long time for me to finally connect things, and then give out the conclusion I found to my team lead (who was the one simulating the caller for us).  It was really embarrassing being put on the spot like that, but if anything, it’s just a taste of what’s to come once we’re done with the instruction proper and move into Competency Assurance. Ugh.

Rather than going to the training room for tonight’s shift, we’re to head straight to the work floor to finish the turns of the other members of the group who haven’t had their mock calls yet.  And then I suppose it’s prep time for more mock calls, this time care of the coaches again from Minneapolis.  

One can see that I’m really looking forward to tonight’s shift, for sure.

Anime Watched: Hibike! Euphonium.


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