Last Stop At The Station

In the scheme of things, we had a really slow day last night.  Rain aside, we just finished off the turns of the team members who hadn’t had their mock calls the other day, then went back up to the training rooms.  There we pretty much dozed until after lunchtime, where we had a bit of service-related Jeopardy (which my team lost by the way).  After that, though?  Back to dozing off.

Close to the end though we were given a reminder to keep our outside-business website browsing firmly in the training room (and at the pantry during normal times), and not on the work floor.  There was apparently someone who got caught, and obviously we don’t want to be next.  Oh well.

Tonight we’re told to expect mock calls care of the Minneapolis folk though, so it’s straight to the floor again this time.  However, given it’s a Friday, I wonder if the coaches can hold us to it, especially since you have to take the queue into consideration.

There’s been a bit of rain since the early afternoon.  It looks like it’s not enough to get completely soaked, but I’m going to have to bring an umbrella with me, just in case.  Also it helped a bit in lowering the temperature, as it was much cooler when I woke up earlier tonight.

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