Felt Like I Was Put On The Spot

The mock calls last night went somewhat well — we had a single preparatory call that was officiated by our team lead, which was followed by two from the Minneapolis coaches.  I did somewhat well, but that was only because the calls by the coaches literally went over material that our supervisor briefed us on barely half an hour earlier.

After that, well, it was back to the training room upstairs for a debrief, and a bit of a warning against using the office system to browse non-business websites again.  Oh, and I was asked to stay a bit after the shift, because the supervising manager for the account wanted to talk to me.  Needless to say, I was nervous as heck when he led me to the interview room.

Basically he asked just how the training went as far as I was concerned.  I answered that I was a bit lagging in the class, as the concepts weren’t quite connecting for me, but I also said that getting exposed to the actual situations described during the review would help cementing the information in my head.  

He also asked about my participation in the group. I was a bit more reticent at that, as I’ve always felt like the outside of the team, regardless of my wishes.  I was afraid that he was going to force me into interacting with the members of my team more than I’d like, but thankfully he didn’t comment on it. For now.

Needless to say, when I got home, I felt that I really needed a rest… Except I spent most of my waking hours playing Kantai Collection, trying to clear world 5-3, and when that was done (something that took four hours just to finish off the last two hits on the boss’ HP bar, which sat like that for months), on toward clearing 5-4.  

The latter barely lasted two hours.

And now… I’m really ready for bed.  So I took my bath, and after I put this, I’m turning in for the night.


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