Relaxation, Trepidation

I can’t really claim that I used my time today wisely.  While I woke up somewhat early, it was to the front of the PC for me, since I reasoned that it wouldn’t do to try doing chores while it was still dark.  And while I did eventually clean my room, going so far as to dust off most of it, as well as doing some sweeping in the process, prior to that I had spent a few hours already in front of my PC.  

And what was I doing with the desktop PC?  Why, playing video games as usual.  Specifically, clearing world 4-5 in Kantai Collection, and finally making some progress in Lonesome Road in Fallout: New Vegas.  The former turned into a frightfully tiresome endeavor, and in the end I wonder if the resources I threw into the attempt could have been better used somewhere else… I mean, 25k resource units and almost 200 buckets doesn’t seem to be a good return for 180 measly ranking points, especially since it’s looking like I won’t be able to place this month anyway, as far as server rankings go.

Anyway, tomorrow formally starts our return to the workfloor for phone lab, which on some level worries me greatly.  As I said during my entry yesterday, I’m personally not confident that I’m all prepared for taking in live calls.  A lot of that information lodged into my head during the two-week training period, well, suffice to say I’m not sure I could properly access it and put it to any practical use.  I’ll just have to see that I don’t embarrass myself too much…

Anime Watched: Kekkai Sensen.


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