Bracing For That Shock

Tonight’s the start of Phone Lab, which means we’re going to be taking in live calls again, albeit at a regulated manner.  While technically it’s okay to still mess up at this phase (as we won’t be docked if we do), after the little interview I had at the end of last week, well, needless to say that I’m a bit on guard.

So yes, I desperately do not want to screw up (too badly) tonight, or in the next two weeks for that matter.  Which sounds like I’m tempting fate at this rate, so I’ll stop…

On the bright side, while I woke up a bit early, I think I’ve managed to get enough rest, and what’s more, finished my packing for Friday’s trip… Though my usual travel bag looks a little more bloated than usual, so I might have to take some stuff out, if only to be able to fit in my slippers and extra shoes (need a pair for casual use, and another for the actual wedding), and whatever toiletries I’d need.

And now… to try to have my nerves settle down before I head off to the office.

Anime Watched: Hello! Kin-iro Mosaic.


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