Avoided It, For Now

So far, so good. I didn’t cause any major screw-ups last night, though there were calls where, in hindsight, I could have given a far better solution.  Buh.  Have to continue to pay attention to the details and cues of the customers, moving forward this week.

Aside from that though, somewhat slow day at the floor, especially with the reduced number of calls due to being on Phone Lab.  Still annoying how two of the team more or less slept through the entire shift, and only logged in after our team assistant Kooh pointed it out.  Then again, the same two are the ones who’re actually on their way to Tier 2, so I suppose they could be given some leeway…

Tried to get more sleep once I got home, though this time around I wasn’t as successful.  While it wasn’t hot, I guess there was still a lot on my mind, as I wasn’t able to relax until around noontime, and by that point I decided to just turn on the a/c and hope for the best. 

I’m kind of hoping that it doesn’t rain tonight, on the way to work, if only to reduce the amount of mud I’d encounter on the way to the MRT station.


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