Could Really Be Doing Better

I didn’t really mess up badly in any of my calls last night, but in hindsight, there are two that I wish I could have resolved, well, quicker.  I understand that, in taking Service calls, spending twenty minutes on a case isn’t going to be unusual, but I felt afterward that I could have easily cut down the length of each by half had I just paid more attention during the training proper. Ugh.

Well, what’s done is done. I just hope that the 3rd party I talked to during the forty minute plus call doesn’t hold me to actually owing up to all possible market losses the client may incur because they can’t make a transfer due to not having the proper paperwork.  I’d hate that…

On other work-related notes, apparently the bosses at Minneapolis have pushed for us to move our schedule for the second week of Phone Lab half an hour earlier, as they’re anticipating a spike in call volume… except they seem to have forgotten that, as we’re on the training queue, the calls we’d receive would be reduced anyway, though I suppose every little bit helps.

Woke up a little earlier in the afternoon than I’d have liked, and as a result I’m feeling a little sleepy, which might be a bad thing later on once the shift starts.  Gonna have to stock up on cola and coffee, I guess.


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