Going Off For A While, Again

While it’s a normal shift for me tonight, I’m going to have to head straight home afterward, as it’s off to the airport for the family again.  As scheduled, we’re heading back to Negros for my cousin’s wedding, and we’re going to be staying there again for four days or so.  So, unless I can get a connection or my sister brings her wireless internet with her, there’s not going to be any journal updates for a while.

Of course, this kinds of means that I’m going to have to make myself scarce, as far as the company of some of my uncles go, after what happened in the aftermath of my grandfather’s funeral a few months ago.  As if that was possible for four days…

As far as work goes, I’m kind of worried, because apparently the team assistant was preparing something for me (I saw her reviewing some of the calls I had over the past few days), so I’m bracing for some criticism tonight.  Ugh.  

Anyway, need to do some last-minute checking of the stuff I’m bringing with me.  Hopefully I can squeeze in my slippers, toothpaste, and breath gargle… 

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