First Day Back In Bacolod

Well, our flight pretty much went without hitch, and even the baby was well-behaved during the time leading up to the flight itself.  Barring some turbulence a few minutes after lift-off, it was smooth sailing, so to speak, until we touched down at the airport at Silay.

We waited half an hour (during which time we had some iced cream at the cafe located at the airport waiting area), before we were finally picked up by my cousin’s husband.  From there, it was another half-hour drive to Bacolod proper, though we didn’t go straight to my uncle’s house (where we were to stay for the next three-odd days), and picked up my cousin and her kid at the McDonalds close to the school my nephew attended.

Only after that did we head toward my uncle’s house, where we were met by Lola Fe.  We carried the bags inside, but apparently my sister had other ideas — in return for paying for the food we ate before our flight (at the Jollibee in NAIA 3, which had a whole lot more other restaurants now than I remembered) — and it was off to Manukan Country beside SM for some early-afternoon eating.

After I’d withdrawn some money to actually pay for my sister’s sudden chicken cravings, it was off to one of the inasal stores that the family here in Bacolod usually frequented.  Ironically, when we arrived, the place was being used as the location for the public hearing that was supposed to discuss the future of the Manukan Country businesses (because apparently the city government was thinking of either privatizing the location, or selling it off, neither which would sit well with the chicken inasal restaurants there).  So it was kind of a strange experience, with the five of us (myself, my father, Lola Fe, my sister and her son) eating petso-pak and baticolon all the while there was this loud argument going on between representatives of the local government and the owners of the inasal stalls less than twenty feet away).

Anyway, after we finished, it was back to my uncle’s place at Alijis.  My sister, my father, and the baby, headed off to practice, but that was it for me.  I went to bed, and more or less slept through the evening, and was only interrupted during the evening when my sister complained about my snoring… at which I went back to sleep anyway.

Me and the family woke relatively early (around half an hour past six), and though I joined in with breakfast and even took a bath and changed, I’m pretty extraneous to the proceedings.  So here I am, updating my journal.

My uncle’s place doesn’t have any internet, by the way, so I’m making do with a peso-net place located close by.  A peso coin for six minutes doesn’t sound too bad, and it’s not like I’m going to need to play games here anyway…. Though it’s currently raining hard while I’m typing this, so I’m kind of stuck here for a while.


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