Back To The Usual Routines

Now things have more or less settled down here at home, it’s going to be back to the usual routine for work from this point on. My absence yesterday, coupled with the PTO I took for the trip back to Bacolod, will definitely sting next payday, but at least I won’t have to be worried about the laundry for the next few days, which I would have been worrying about, had we not taken care of it last night (and through some of the early morning too).

Speaking of laundry, I’m kind of impressed at how my father was able to lug the pile of clothes that was the aftermath of the washing machine session outside this morning.  He was already in the rinsing process by the time I went downstairs, at any rate, so I just helped move things along by putting out those clothes that were mostly finished out to dry… except we soon ran out of space on the laundry line, as well as clips and hangers for everything.  Hmm.

By the way, it was payday, though it didn’t really feel like it.  That’s probably because I couldn’t withdraw all my money (I left behind 3800 pesos, which I’ll have to do for the next two paydays as well, in preparation for the next round of insurance premium payments), which left me with about six thousand five-hundred to deposit into my bank account… which promptly got deducted even more, since I had to pay off the 3300-odd peso credit card bill I had for the month.  Sigh.

The rest of the day passed without incident, though as usual I wished I had slept more soundly during the afternoon. Ah well. At least the pancakes I cooked during the morning turned out really well.


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