Crossing My Fingers This Time

July 31, 2015

Last night’s shift went somewhat well, but I can’t afford to lose my focus.  Last day in the work week and all.  So like last night, need to keep in mind to avoid unsure language and verbal filler.  Ugh, projecting confidence irregardless of your own feelings is hard.

That aside, the shift itself was somewhat mundane.  Unlike my teammates, I didn’t get any weird calls, though due to some system issues I had to quickly get reacquainted to doing transfers manually via mainframe. Yeesh.

Of course this meant that I was mentally drained once I got home.  I was able to play Kancolle surprisingly, but I didn’t last long, and just went to sleep.  Turned on the a/c just to make sure I had a comfortable rest, though I eventually had to turn it off during mid-afternoon, as it started to rain hard.

Funnily enough it wasn’t raining when I finally woke up early evening.  Oh well.

Anime Watched: Gakkou Gurashi.


Quite A Pickle, As Usual

July 30, 2015

It was payday today, and while I technically was able to withdraw my money last night, I was only able to deposit the money into my savings this morning.  It was a bit of a relief too, as it was a surprisingly large sum, and honestly I’m not too comfortable carrying around that much money.  The temptation to spend it is just too great.

I’m bit of a pickle at the office, as I was given a talk-to by my supervisor yet again before I was allowed to go home.  Long story short, I definitely had to shape up, but at least I knew which weaknesses I work on, first and foremost being my tone of voice.  Frankly, I’m not a confident speaker, and the moment a client even spots a hint of hesitation, well…  Anyway, that and vocal fillers.  So that’s what I’m going to watch for tonight.

Needless to say, I wasn’t really able to sleep soundly as a result.  On the bright side, it rained rather hard during the afternoon, so at least it was cool and not uncomfortable.

Now I’m crossing my fingers that the cases I submitted yesterday turn out okay… Can’t really afford any more errors this week.

I Totally Jinxed It

July 29, 2015

As usual, things were going too well… Yesterday’s news was devastating, to say the least.  Out of the four cases I submitted the previous day, three of them turned out to be errors.  This means that, in one fell swoop, I landed myself in the “most definitely needs review” spot, meaning that I have to extend my Comp Assurance period. Ugh.

It’s so aggravating.  All the more because I know it’s my fault. Too careless.  And what’s more, my supervisor is now on my case due to how long it takes for me to do research information on a call.

Needless to say, my morale’s plummeted.  All I can do now is… make sure that I don’t make any more major screw-ups. 

On the bright side, we might be getting our salary tonight, so there’s at least something to look forward to.

Still Doing Okay So Far

July 28, 2015

There were a lot of calls during last night’s shift, far more than you’d expect for a Monday.  Thankfully, at least as far as I was concerned, few of them could be really seen as complex, and leaned heavily towards the transaction side of things.

Our debrief at the end of the day was different as well, as it was officiated by a different coach.  Most of the team was on their toes of course, especially when said coach started asking for references to specific knowledge-base articles relating to our calls. Yeesh.

So yes, I felt beat once I finally got home.  Once more I passed on the usual Kantai rituals, and just went to bed.  I woke up at around noon, turned on the a/c, then fitfully tried to go back to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

Only when I woke up again during the late afternoon did I give attention to those daily quests I ignored during the morning.

Anyway, I’m hoping for a much slower day today, if nothing else.

Anime Watched: Non-Non Biyori Repeat, Prisma Illya 2wei Herz.

Going Back To The Real World, Again

July 27, 2015

Oh boy, I’m still feeling the food from yesterday.  I’m quite sure that I could probably eat a bit bread and drink water for the next two days, and I’d still feel all that food. Yeesh. Talk about stuffed.

I also was able to get a whole lot of sleep today. Even with the schedule readjustment I had to do, I’m still feeling oddly refreshed… hmm.  Here’s to hoping the team conveniently forgets that it was my birthday yesterday, so I could avoid treating them.  

Ah well. Third week of Comp. Assurance, here we go.

Anime Watched: Prisma Illya 2wei OVA.

Here I Am, A Year Older, Again

July 26, 2015

I hate to admit it, but I didn’t actually go to sleep last night, as I had stayed up through the wee hours transferring  files between my hard drives to the new external.  As a result, by the time it was five in the morning, I didn’t bother to go to bed anymore, and instead went down to take a bath, in preparation for the morning mass.  And so I went… except for most of it I had my eyes closed, though I tried my best to listen to the proceedings.  I didn’t fall asleep, but there were a whole lot of chances to do so, given the tendency of our parish priest to ramble during homilies.  And ramble he did.  To put things in perspective, a normal mass lasts only about an hour.  This mass started at six in the morning and ended at fifteen minutes to eight.

I ran into my father waiting outside the church, though it was straight home for me.  I didn’t go to sleep then either, and waited for my father to come back, and my sister to send an SMS message on her status, as we were going to meet up at the Mall of Asia for a family lunch.

Tatay and I eventually left at around ten-thirty, so we could scope the place out.  It’s a Japanese charcoal grill place named Tajimaya,  and the two of us waited for a while until my sister and her family arrived.  When they did, it was off inside to reserve one of the eight-person booths, as we were also expecting my cousin and her kids, plus lola (our mother’s mom).  It took a while for them to arrive though, so we helped ourselves to one of the two Set As we ordered.

It was great, though there were quite a lot of burned meat at the beginning, as the charcoal was quite hot for the first half hour or so.  By the time my cousin and our grandmother arrived though, the embers had almost gone out, which made cooking much slower; we had to ask for newer charcoal to be put in eventually.

Oh, and I was worried that the money I had withdrawn today would be enough to cover things, so I actually had to run out and do another withdrawal after my cousin arrived.  Turned out that was a good choice, as I easily spent almost five thousand pesos just for the food and drinks.

When we were done, it was off to Dairy Queen inside MOA to have some iced cream (I choose the mango cheesecake flavor, by the way), while lola and my cousin went off to buy crepes.  By the end of that though we were quite full, which is just as well, as the kids (specifically my sister’s son) was getting antsy.  So we said goodbye to our relatives (with the caveat that lola was going to stay at our place this week), and started on the way home, though my sister and her family didn’t stay with us for the rest of the weekend.

Once we got home, we hurriedly put the laundry that was already dried inside the house just in case it rained, but for me that was it.  I went upstairs, changed into more comfy house clothes, and went to bed, as stuffed as a bear before winter. Yeesh.

So, yeah, my birthday was okay. 😉

Before I’m Another Year Over

July 25, 2015

Well, here I am again. It’s the eve to yet another birthday, but I’m wide awake, though that’s more due to the fact that I had some laundry to do, and was watching the washing machine as it slowly worked its way through the pile of clothing we’d accumulated over the week.  Pretty domestic and mundane, if I should say so myself, though I’m wondering now if my father will have words with me in the morning when he sees that I’d thrown in some of my nephew’s plushies (which looked dark due to all the dust they had accumulated) as well.

In any case, almost a year older again. Tomorrow it’s the usual early mass to attend, and then it’s to prepare to meet my sister and her family at the Mall of Asia for a lunch out.  The budget is about two thousand pesos… pretty manageable, all things considered, though I do remember that when we visited Bulgogi Brothers during my previous birthday I spent less than that.  We’ll just have to see.

As for work, the second week of Comp Ass ended without incident performance-wise, though our TL did have some words to share about the attendance records of my teammates, which sort of plummeted over the past week.  Nothing really major aside from that, so here’s to hoping that next week stays “boring” as well.

Oh, I finally went out and bought two new pairs of jeans for myself.  I was a little annoyed at how I had to select ones that had somewhat larger waistlines, but I have to admit that I’d really let myself go, and my belly’s showing it.  While I thought I got them on the cheap, my father still had some snide words to say about how I didn’t look harder for cheaper deals.  Blah

Anime Watched: Gate, Idolmaster ~ Cinderella Girls S2, Prisma Illya 2wei Herz.