Crossing My Fingers This Time

Last night's shift went somewhat well, but I can't afford to lose my focus.  Last day in the work week and all.  So like last night, need to keep in mind to avoid unsure language and verbal filler.  Ugh, projecting confidence irregardless of your own feelings is hard. That aside, the shift itself was somewhat … Continue reading Crossing My Fingers This Time

Quite A Pickle, As Usual

It was payday today, and while I technically was able to withdraw my money last night, I was only able to deposit the money into my savings this morning.  It was a bit of a relief too, as it was a surprisingly large sum, and honestly I'm not too comfortable carrying around that much money. … Continue reading Quite A Pickle, As Usual

I Totally Jinxed It

As usual, things were going too well... Yesterday's news was devastating, to say the least.  Out of the four cases I submitted the previous day, three of them turned out to be errors.  This means that, in one fell swoop, I landed myself in the "most definitely needs review" spot, meaning that I have to extend … Continue reading I Totally Jinxed It

Still Doing Okay So Far

There were a lot of calls during last night's shift, far more than you'd expect for a Monday.  Thankfully, at least as far as I was concerned, few of them could be really seen as complex, and leaned heavily towards the transaction side of things. Our debrief at the end of the day was different … Continue reading Still Doing Okay So Far

Going Back To The Real World, Again

Oh boy, I'm still feeling the food from yesterday.  I'm quite sure that I could probably eat a bit bread and drink water for the next two days, and I'd still feel all that food. Yeesh. Talk about stuffed. I also was able to get a whole lot of sleep today. Even with the schedule readjustment I … Continue reading Going Back To The Real World, Again

Here I Am, A Year Older, Again

I hate to admit it, but I didn't actually go to sleep last night, as I had stayed up through the wee hours transferring  files between my hard drives to the new external.  As a result, by the time it was five in the morning, I didn't bother to go to bed anymore, and instead … Continue reading Here I Am, A Year Older, Again

Before I’m Another Year Over

Well, here I am again. It's the eve to yet another birthday, but I'm wide awake, though that's more due to the fact that I had some laundry to do, and was watching the washing machine as it slowly worked its way through the pile of clothing we'd accumulated over the week.  Pretty domestic and … Continue reading Before I’m Another Year Over