A Somewhat Cautious Return

Last night’s shift went surprisingly well, at least from the standpoint of someone who had to take a sudden leave of absence to do laundry.  No complex calls, and more transaction-like calls than anything else.  It was a bit of a relief, really.

Hopefully that doesn’t mean that I jinxed tonight’s shift though, especially since two people in the team had to call in sick last night (one with a bad case of sore eyes too).  Buh.  Here’s to maybe a slower night by comparison, especially with the lead up to the 4th of July…

As for other things, I went and tried to finish the extra ops in Kantai Collection today, despite the drain in resources they’d obviously turn into.  To my surprise, it was enough to land me in a Marshall-ranked spot in the server (at around rank 300~ish), though I realize that won’t last especially when the more neet-ish admirals of the server start hitting the usual late-game spots.  Also, at this point, with the next event’s details finally breaking, it’s also time to focus on resource-stockpiling again.  Wonderful.

While I downloaded the Hibike! Euphonium finale today, though I’ll leave it for tomorrow to watch.  Should be great.


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