Rained In, Rained Out

So yeah, there was quite a bit of rain today, with it starting out as a weak drizzle when I was coming home from the office.  It actually stopped altogether sometime before noon, but given the season I figure that the downpour happened again mid-afternoon, as it was already dark and pouring once I woke up at around five.

As for my shift last night, nothing really fancy.  Despite our coaches’ reassurances, we still had a bit of calls over the shift, though the number obviously would pale compared to the numbers a fully-trained service agent would receive.  As for myself, my energy levels sort of tapered off close to the end, and I had extreme trouble keeping awake during the debrief we had at around 3pm CST.

Anyway, it’s still raining hard tonight, so that means I’m bringing the umbrella to the office again.

Anime Watched: Non Non Biyori Repeat, Castle Town Dandelion, Overlord, Million Doll, Monster Musume no Nichijou.


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