Can’t Get Enough Daylong Rain

There was more than a bit of rain last night, enough that I was worried that the water would soak through my shoes, but I somehow made it to work without getting soaked.  That said, I was worried that the umbrella that I’d brought with me wouldn’t be able to handle the downpour (which was pretty strong), especially since it wouldn’t open fully for some reason…

The shift itself wasn’t anything special, though by the end we had to be gathered and herded to one of the interview rooms so we could get the lowdown on the changes in security policy for the site.  In a word, due to something that happened last week (where somehow a terminated agent managed to get a US client alone and had the gall to ask for money from said client), things have gotten a bit stricter, which means I’m definitely going to have to keep my work ID on my person at all times. Sheesh.

It was raining again of course once I got home, though not heavily — barely even a shower actually.  It did get more powerful once I got home, and remained so for the rest of the afternoon, but as a result I was able to sleep well. The cool atmosphere does wonder for slumber.


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