Slow And Wet Weekends

The first order of business for yours truly when I got home was, you guessed it, sleep. I figured that my father would hold off asking me to do the laundry in fear of the rain, and I was correct in that regard, which was why I was able to get some early shut-eye.

Too bad I woke up earlier than expected in the afternoon because, for some reason, my father couldn’t hear that the kettle was boiling despite the fact that its whistle was loud enough for me, who was sleeping upstairs, to be jolted out of sleep because of it. Really now…

Oh, and it did rain eventually during the late afternoon, which meant that it was time to use the washing machine again.  Our detergent was running out of course, but it was still more than enough for the laundry we had.  Still might have to look into buying more tomorrow morning though.

And my work shift?  It sort of ended alright, thought I was taken aside by our team lead and personally reminded to not rush through reading our knowledge base for instructions on the processes that we needed to do during service calls. Why? Because it got me on trouble, that’s why.  Our Minneapolis coach’s pep talk at the end of the day didn’t really raise my spirits much.  I guess I’m going to have to just be careful moving forward, especially with Comp Ass next week.

Anyway, I’m done, and since I’ve put away the washing machine as well, it’s back to bed for yours truly.

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