Trying To Keep Things Steady

Last night shift was rather uneventful, for which I’m actually glad.  Not really too many “service” calls, though I did run into an infamous adviser who was a huge jerk.  Ugh.

Oh, and I did somehow manage to survive last night, though it was likely due to the two cans of Pokka and one bottle of Coca-Cola that I was able to do so.  That said, once I got home, I was done. Sleep was the only thing on my mind, which meant that I actually passed on my usual Kantai Collection morning habits, just to hit the sack.

Unfortunately, going to bed early also meant that I woke up relatively early in the afternoon (at around twenty minutes to 2 o’clock in fact).  This meant that I had to go back to bed again just to get more shut-eye, but not after finally seeing to my Kancolle responsibilities.  Still went to bed again at around three-thirty though.

It’s the evening before payday, so it’s likely that some of the BDO ATMs will have money in them by tonight (if they hadn’t already by this afternoon).  Looking forward to putting something into the savings soon, for sure.

Bracing myself for another night at the office though.  Will just watch some Non Non Biyori Repeat to steady my nerves.

P.S. My father did some re-arranging and clearing up of the junk that’s accumulated in my sister’s room.  I felt that he didn’t need to bother, especially if my sister decides to drop by this week with the baby.


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