Tagged, But Not For The Expected Things

I’m annoyed. I got called to the coaching room yesterday by our team lead due to an error… except annoyingly enough, it wasn’t due to something that happened during a service call. Oh now, this was caused by a verification slip-up.  Again. 


It was enough to put a damper on my day, for sure.  It’s a minor miracle that I didn’t suffer any kind of slip up following that.  Still… an error is an error, and if that wasn’t a big one, I’m not sure what is.

Ugh.  In any case, going to have to focus even more, as our team lead is going on a 3-day furlough starting tonight.  This means that our team assistant is going to have her hands full, and the Expert line chat will get a lot of use from us, for sure.

On other news, apparently my load application got approved.  Go figure.  This means that, on Thursday morning after tonight’s shift, I can go to the HR office and pick up my check.  On the plus side, this is an extra month’s worth of salary, which will help my savings a bit.  On the downside, this means that I’ll be paying for the loan from my salary for the next two years.  Eh.

Oh, and it’s payday.  For what it’s worth, this means that, for a short time anyway, my savings is above the 20k line. Yeah.

And one last detail — my sister’s brought along her son this week, and they’ll stay for the duration of the weekend.  Yay.

Anime Watched: Over Lord, Non Non Biyori ~ Repeat.


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