Flying Without The Usual Early Support

It’s quite an experience, y’know, being at the work stations early… and having no support aside from the folk at Minneapolis who I can only talk with via chat.  Because that’s how it’s been since yesterday’s shift.  Seriously, the moment the team lead goes on a three-day vacation, the two people I’m supposed to be with stop coming in on time. 

The shift itself wasn’t exciting, though I did have a call that extended to a whole hour due to the research I had to do (a client stuck in Alaska was wondering why the drafts she wrote out to herself weren’t ordered; turns out that there was a stop payment/hold on placed way back in 2011 on a whole number range of drafts under her name, and the one she tried to use was one of them).  Otherwise it was somewhat slow, though I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t anxious as heck during the first hour.

Oh, and today I got my SSS check.  Had to stay an hour at work to do so though, which meant that I slept for a bit at the 7th floor sleeping quarters, but in the end, I got it.  To my surprise, it was a thirty-thousand and six-hundred peso check, which I totally didn’t expect since I was thinking it would only be a month’s worth of pay.  It looks like the company totally maxed out the possible withdrawal that I could take out from the SSS, compared to how long I’ve been contributing (and I’ve been working nearly nine years straight).

In any case, I had a large check in hand.  I went home, then waited for two hours or so, and once it hit nine in the morning, it was off to the closest Philippine National Bank that I could find.  Let me tell you, I was quite nervous once I got the money, and was wary all the way to my own savings back. Sheesh.

In any case, the loan money’s been deposited into my savings account, where it’ll stay until the inevitable rainy-day emergency forces me to pull money out of it.  Also, this means that it’s the start of two years worth of docked pay, to pay for that distribution.  Almost 1.5k deducted per month’s going to be a new experience, for sure.

There was no rain today, though there was a cool enough breeze that I didn’t need to use the a/c to go to sleep during the afternoon.  Hope it continues into the evening as well.

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