Not Quite Flying Colors, But Survival Is Close Enough

Somehow, the team managed to survive the Friday evening shift without imploding.  It’s amazing, especially when you consider how we were left alone for a whole evening without our usual minders (our team lead was still away on his anniversary trip; his assistant had to attend a family burial).

And there was actual communication between teammates! While I can’t say it’s progress, at least I wasn’t completely ignored, though when the debrief came at the end of the shift, there was an embarrassingly long span where I couldn’t share anything, as I couldn’t remember the details of my calls. Ugh.

Needless to say, while I was physically tired when I got home, I was mentally exhausted. There wasn’t even an excuse anymore; I took off my work clothes, then jumped into bed when I could.  As expected, I slept very soundly, and only woke up at around three in the afternoon (after coming home at seven-thirty).

This meant of course, that I woke up to a more or less empty house, as my sister and her family, with my father in tow, went to meet my grandmother and my cousin’s family at Quezon City for lunch.  What followed was pretty much what I normally did during the morning, except transposed several hours later — anime and Kantai Collection. Yeah.

Oh, and I did eventually go out though during the late afternoon, to buy a new belt as well as get myself a massage.  The latter didn’t quite go as well as I’d like though, so maybe I’ll have a repeat tomorrow at another massage place. Buh.

Anime Watched: Gate, Gakkou Gurashi, Idolmaster ~Cinderella Girls part 2, Wakaba Girl, Castle Town Dandelion.

P.S. I did the evening laundry again via washing machine.

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