Going Through The Weekend At My Own Pace As Usual

Despite promising myself to not wake up early after the laundry was done last night, I still woke up early anyway.  Thankfully the laundry was already hung out to dry by my father at this point, so all that was left to do was to do some sweeping and dusting in my room… And there was a lot of that to be done.

Otherwise, the same usual thing for me on a weekend, though I eventually did have to go out and buy a new cellphone battery, to replace the one I currently had (which was loose).  With that done though it was back to reading, and sleeping, and internet gaming.

Of course tomorrow it’s back to readjusting my sleep schedule again. Oi oi.

Anime Watched: Working S3, Gate, Rokka no Yuusha, Dragonball Super.


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