It’s The Honest Ones That Hurt More

We experienced quite a bit of calls last night, but what really highlighted the evening for most of us on the team was the fact that we finally received call evaluation from out Minneapolis coaches.  And the result, by and large, was kind of disappointing, with only a single member of the team managing to receive a “green” overall rating, while the rest of us only got “yellow”. Ugh.  In my case, it’s more due to the “unsure” language I’m prone to using during a call.  

Really have to work on sounding confident, huh.

Also, we experienced some phone issues during the first half of the shift — the phone monitor randomly logging us out, getting calls that only sounded like busy signals, our names appearing twice on the queue list… Yeah.  It was eventually fixed, but I’m thinking that it was part of the reason we got a glut of calls immediately after the issue got resolved.

In any case, it’s midweek already.  Have to prepare for tonight’s shift… which actually worries me as I barely had any sleep this afternoon.  That’s what I get for reading too much (and it was indeed reading — I blew through the translated parts of the Over Lord light novel) I suppose.  This means… what?  Yeah, likely sleep in lieu of my first break and lunch, and maybe even after the shift was over (indeed, I had slept until 7:30 in one of the sleeping quarters before I headed off home).

What to do, what to do…

Anyway, things to do tonight: focus, and focus even more.


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