Exuding Too Much Negative Waves

It rained during the evening yesterday, and while would be too much to blame it for me being late yesterday, it did likely play a part in the scads of people waiting in line at the MRT station, the long duration between the arrival of trains, and the general traffic to be found at EDSA. Yeesh.

While I wasn’t late in signing in, I was about two minutes late in logging into my system, and it still took me something like six minutes to get the programs that I needed in order before I started taking in calls.  The rest of the shift was somewhat mundane, though as usual, I was chided for my seemingly inability to place a positive spin on how I phrased things during a call. That’s… pretty difficult, as I’m not really a bundle of sunshine at the best of times.

I didn’t sleep at the rest area after the shift ended, though once I got home I didn’t stay up for long either. I was just tired, though this was more due to how I lacked sleep during the previous afternoon more than anything.

Just two more shifts to endure until the end of the week, so I guess I just need to hang in there.


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