Nearing That Day Again

Last night’s shift felt longer than usual, which is funny, when you consider the fact that I actually took in less calls compared to Wednesday.  Must be because of the relatively larger gaps in between calls, especially after lunchtime, where I even experienced a nearly thirty-five minute avail between calls.  So nice.  I wasn’t able to take advantage though, as by this point I was already hopped up on caffeine, but it did wonders for my focus.

I was still groggy by the end of it though, which kind of made me take an hour-and-a-half nap at the sleeping quarters before heading home.

That said, it’s the last shift for the week, so can’t really let my guard down.  Ugh.  Also, my birthday’s looming so…

Ah, speaking of which, I bought for myself an early present — a new external USB-port 1 Terrabyte HD.  And it’s so much smaller than the previous 1 TB I bought.  And the casing is red, so that’s always a plus.  Ain’t the march of technology grand?

Still not sure what the family will do for my birthday, but things point to us going out for lunch, and then preparing something at home for dinner. I better prep my credit card for this one…

Anime Watched: Gakkou Gurashi, Naruto the Movie: The Last.

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