Before I’m Another Year Over

Well, here I am again. It’s the eve to yet another birthday, but I’m wide awake, though that’s more due to the fact that I had some laundry to do, and was watching the washing machine as it slowly worked its way through the pile of clothing we’d accumulated over the week.  Pretty domestic and mundane, if I should say so myself, though I’m wondering now if my father will have words with me in the morning when he sees that I’d thrown in some of my nephew’s plushies (which looked dark due to all the dust they had accumulated) as well.

In any case, almost a year older again. Tomorrow it’s the usual early mass to attend, and then it’s to prepare to meet my sister and her family at the Mall of Asia for a lunch out.  The budget is about two thousand pesos… pretty manageable, all things considered, though I do remember that when we visited Bulgogi Brothers during my previous birthday I spent less than that.  We’ll just have to see.

As for work, the second week of Comp Ass ended without incident performance-wise, though our TL did have some words to share about the attendance records of my teammates, which sort of plummeted over the past week.  Nothing really major aside from that, so here’s to hoping that next week stays “boring” as well.

Oh, I finally went out and bought two new pairs of jeans for myself.  I was a little annoyed at how I had to select ones that had somewhat larger waistlines, but I have to admit that I’d really let myself go, and my belly’s showing it.  While I thought I got them on the cheap, my father still had some snide words to say about how I didn’t look harder for cheaper deals.  Blah

Anime Watched: Gate, Idolmaster ~ Cinderella Girls S2, Prisma Illya 2wei Herz.


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