Quite A Pickle, As Usual

It was payday today, and while I technically was able to withdraw my money last night, I was only able to deposit the money into my savings this morning.  It was a bit of a relief too, as it was a surprisingly large sum, and honestly I’m not too comfortable carrying around that much money.  The temptation to spend it is just too great.

I’m bit of a pickle at the office, as I was given a talk-to by my supervisor yet again before I was allowed to go home.  Long story short, I definitely had to shape up, but at least I knew which weaknesses I work on, first and foremost being my tone of voice.  Frankly, I’m not a confident speaker, and the moment a client even spots a hint of hesitation, well…  Anyway, that and vocal fillers.  So that’s what I’m going to watch for tonight.

Needless to say, I wasn’t really able to sleep soundly as a result.  On the bright side, it rained rather hard during the afternoon, so at least it was cool and not uncomfortable.

Now I’m crossing my fingers that the cases I submitted yesterday turn out okay… Can’t really afford any more errors this week.


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