Crossing My Fingers This Time

Last night’s shift went somewhat well, but I can’t afford to lose my focus.  Last day in the work week and all.  So like last night, need to keep in mind to avoid unsure language and verbal filler.  Ugh, projecting confidence irregardless of your own feelings is hard.

That aside, the shift itself was somewhat mundane.  Unlike my teammates, I didn’t get any weird calls, though due to some system issues I had to quickly get reacquainted to doing transfers manually via mainframe. Yeesh.

Of course this meant that I was mentally drained once I got home.  I was able to play Kancolle surprisingly, but I didn’t last long, and just went to sleep.  Turned on the a/c just to make sure I had a comfortable rest, though I eventually had to turn it off during mid-afternoon, as it started to rain hard.

Funnily enough it wasn’t raining when I finally woke up early evening.  Oh well.

Anime Watched: Gakkou Gurashi.


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