Want To Start The Move Right

It's the first day of the work week again, and for the team this means a move to the 8th floor.  I'm sure that the rest of them have already received the message to come to work early, and prep their systems for any unforeseen issues brought on by the move, but for me, the … Continue reading Want To Start The Move Right

Taking This Bit To Rest Up

Despite all odds, I managed to finish off the week without major blunders at work, and although the call evaluation still didn't get a pass, I didn't have any errors as far as cases were concerned. Hmm.  Also, despite the obvious hostility of my teammates, I was still able to prep everything at my workstation … Continue reading Taking This Bit To Rest Up

Close, But Don’t Want To Jinx It

Last night's shift was very relaxed, which is kind of odd, when you consider that, by the number of calls alone, I took in more calls than on Wednesday.  It's likely due to how I didn't submit any case, and barely had any service calls at all.  Go figure. This doesn't mean I can afford to … Continue reading Close, But Don’t Want To Jinx It

Over That Hump Once Again

And here I am again. I somehow managed to survive the midweek, but that's probably more due to the fact that the market has stabilized a bit after the fall over the past few days, so the clients calling in were much calmer by comparison.  That said, it was still slow for yours truly, though … Continue reading Over That Hump Once Again

Keeping It Going

Last night's shift passed without incident, though I don't want to jinx it by speaking out of turn. As usual, I just hope that I didn't screw up with the cases I submitted before the end of the shift, and focus on the calls that I'll get later on in the evening. I didn't go … Continue reading Keeping It Going

Not As Good A Start As I Wanted

For all my bluster last night, the shift felt like it teetered on disaster for me.  I didn't focus on my calls, and did a lot of amateur mistakes, which now makes me terrified that any of my calls last night would be monitored.  I'm really praying that none will be pulled up for listening, … Continue reading Not As Good A Start As I Wanted

Might As Well Be A Grind

Continuing on  from last night, I spent a good chunk of the day trying to whittle down the HP gauge of the last boss in this season's event for Kantai Collection.  It was... a chore, and not really fun, to say the least.  But hey, at least I'm at the killzone now, which is a … Continue reading Might As Well Be A Grind

Sunk Costs And Event Rationing

I somehow managed to make it through the shift without any case errors, which is good since I only had a single case submitted during the entire workday.  I still couldn't breath a sigh of relief though, as there was still the other day's Yellow call evaluation, which might still play a part in whether … Continue reading Sunk Costs And Event Rationing

There Goes My Good Will For The Weekend

On the plus side, I'm doing quite well on the case-submission front, with no glaring mistakes so far.  Unfortunately, not doing as well on the call monitoring side, with a recent one done last night getting me two yellow marks when I should have been getting a green average.  Admittedly the latter was my fault, … Continue reading There Goes My Good Will For The Weekend