Slumber Long, I Did

No question, I was quite tired once I got home from work. I didn’t even make any excuse — once I got changed, I jumped into bed, and slept through most of the day.  To give you an idea, I got up at seven in the evening, that’s how long I slept.  And while it managed to reinvigorate me somewhat, it also meant that I managed to lose most of my Saturday in the process. Sigh.

So here I am, trying to use most of the evening to do stuff I’d normally do during daytime. Which is to say, catch up on my reading and anime-watching.  While it isn’t exactly too far off from what I’d normally do, this time around I certainly didn’t mean for things to turn out like this. Yikes.

And now it’s almost midnight… and I’m craving take-out from Jollibee. I’m such a weekend slob.


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