Getting As Much Rest In As I Could

Whoops, it turned out that my late-night snack went too far, and I woke up this morning to a whole lot of annoyed sister.  Apparently I had thoughtlessly ate her portion as well… Shows how much of a pig I’d become during weekends. Ugh.  In return, to make it up for her, I had to buy a week’s worth of hopia for our grandmother to snack on during afternoons for the duration of her stay at our home.

That said, pretty slow Sunday overall for yours truly.  Though less on the gaming side, and more on the manga-reading and anime-watching side.  For example, I binged on Flying Witch. It was great, and very recommendable if one is looking for a relaxing slice of life series with some supernatural bits.

Anime Watched: Wakaba Girl, Rokka no Yuusha, Working S3.


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