A Little Too Much Sleep This Time

I started my schedule readjustment really early today. Of course, all that really means is that I woke up late evening, and tried to stay awake through the early morning so that I would be tired enough to go to sleep by around ten.  It sort of worked out, but that was probably because I needed to drop by my bank anyway, and the branch that was in the neighborhood opened up at nine.

After I had finally deposited what I had needed to deposit in the bank, I was pretty much done. Breakfast of pandesal and the tuna spread my sister cooked up over the weekend, it was straight to bed for yours truly.  And there I more or less remained until about six in the evening. 

As one might gather, that’s more than enough sleep this time around to see me through at least the first half of the shift.  Speaking of which, it’s another week of competence assurance, and I have to focus again on my calls.  Last week was bad enough, but getting delayed at the comp ass phase any longer than necessary can’t be good for my performance evaluation. Ugh.

So yes, this means that I have to focus again on my calls and hopefully not screw up both these and the cases I have to submit.


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