Not Quite, No

Last night’s shift ended without much incident, though I was once more forced to process something via mainfarme, which meant that I got a talking-to by my TL since I took too slow on it.  That, and I also went on “not ready” rather than logged out for the online training course which was scheduled for me too.  I am so not looking forward to my adherence scores, for sure.

That aside, last night’s shift was thankfully a whole lot slower compared to the start of the week.  The majority of the calls I received were transaction calls, which is just as well, as we didn’t have a phone conference debrief and instead had a more personal, team debrief via our TL.

Hopefully I won’t jinx things when I wish that things could continue this way.  I mean, I know that I’m extending my comp ass, so slow days are fine, as there’s far smaller chance to screw things up.

Speaking of the end of comp ass for some of the team, apparently this meant that it’s the return of the dreaded operator queue.  Needless to say, all of us had something to complain about that one.

Anime Watched: Non Non Biyori Repeat.


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