A Bit Of Closure For Now

And here we go, the final shift of the week. While it was confirmed last night that I will be extending the comp ass phase for at least another week, I suppose I could take comfort in the fact that, as I’m still in comp assurance it means that I won’t have to take operator calls yet. 

Otherwise it was a very slow day at the office, punctuated with a brief talk with our team lead about how the new metrics work.  Not really too hot about it overall, as it involves a whole lot of phone interaction that I have trouble with (positive wording and whatnot).

Really look forward to bed. Of course my afternoon sleep had to be punctuated by my sister coming into my room (as I had turned on the a/c).  Was still able to go back to sleep, but I would have preferred an uninterrupted slumber.

Anime Watched: Gakkou Gurashi.

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