Family Bonding Over Lots Of Food, Again

So as promised, our part of the family went off before noontime to the SM Megamall, to rendezvous with my brother-in-law and, later on, my grandmother (the same one who’d been staying with us for a few days) and my cousin’s family (including of course my mom’s sister and her husband).  It was then off to Sambokojin, which is a sort of Japanese-Korean buffet grill, where you could get whole platters of raw food and then have them cooked yakiniku-style over hot plates set into the tables.

Needless to say, we ate a lot of stuff in the end.  I started with a plate of different kinds of sushi myself, then a whole plate of squid and fish slices (which I then cooked on the hot plate) to go along to whatever my sister and her husband took (myself and my family were on one table, while my cousin’s family and our grandmother were close by on another table).  I finished off everything with some iced cream and yoghurt, and a bottomless four seasons iced shake. Yeah.

Off course, it wasn’t a treat, so we had to contribute to the final payment, but I think in this case it was well worth it, heh.  With everyone very very full, we all parted ways afterward, with my sister and her family heading back to Quezon City via taxi, while my cousin and her family (with lola in tow) headed back to Pasig.  As for me and my father, it was back to the house, where it was back to stockpiling water in preparation for the water outage over the course of next week.


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