Extending Ain’t So Bad, For Now

I managed to survive the first day of my extended competence assurance period, though barring the fact that I had some more “free time” segments it sure didn’t feel like it, probably due to the large amount of calls that came in anyway.  On my side, I’m kind of hoping that I don’t screw up any of the cases I had to submit over the evening.

Event Start Resource Check
Event Start Resource Check

As for other things, today’s the first day of the Kantai Collection Summer 2015 event. I’m pacing myself this time around, and only finished the first segment on Hard difficulty.  Still waiting to see whether or not going straight through on Hard would be worth it, but it doesn’t seem like it.  Maybe I’ll just cruise on Medium, THEN go back to Hard for the final map this time around.

E-1 Clear! Good work Asashio.
E-1 Clear! Good work Asashio.

And since many of the new ships are map drops this time rather than clear rewards (I’m looking at you Mizuho) Medium seems to be the way to go, unless they confirm that she drops on, say, Easy as well.

P.S. Our area’s one of those affected by the water interruption, so I actually had to take a bath before going to bed for the day.  Yikes.


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