Happening, Yet Not Happening

Another day, another shift survived.  I felt that I took in even more calls than Monday, but that was likely only due to how things kind of came in quickly during the mid-morning.  The fact that the queue display stopped being reliable didn’t help any either, and members of the team seemed to have been receiving calls regardless of whether or not they were on top or dead last in the queue too.  Hmm.

Otherwise nothing really fancy to report about my work proper, though I am getting increasingly annoyed at how I couldn’t find the cover to my tumbler at home.  As a result, I’m always worried that, in a moment of clumsiness, I might tip it over, and make a mess out of my work station.

And while it wasn’t dark when I got home, it soon got dim really really quickly, and by around nine or ten it started to really come down, enough so that I was worried that it was affecting the internet connection (which it shouldn’t, unless the rains bring down a cable somewhere) — which was important, as I was doing my final runs of the second map of the Kantai Collection event.

Fleet A
Fleet A
Fleet B
Fleet B

Boy, what a doozy that was.  While the map meter technically only needed 4 good runs to clear, the final run spawning the Battleship Hime made things far more difficult than they should be. In the end, I needed ten sorties total to clear it, but eh, that was kind of expected every time the Dyson comes into play.  Final clear goes to the elephant — I mean, elegant lady. 

The elegant lady for the clear!
The elegant lady for the clear!
Kawakaze get~!
Kawakaze get~!

And so, new recruit to the Anchorage. Welcome to the team, Kawakaze.


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