And I Had To Screw It Up Good

Well, there goes my efforts for the week. Two mistakes over the course of a shift yesterday, which means my efforts were reset to zero. *sigh*  And what’s more, I have to go four weeks straight without mistakes over the next two months.  That’s monumental effort there, for sure.

Anyway, definitely have to buck up, because I have to pass the service evaluation… at least before it becomes time to start training for Certificates. Ugh.

Needless to say I was really depressed once I got home, so I channeled that disappointment in clearing Kantai Collection’s third event map.  I wasn’t able to take screenshots this time though, as for some reason Windows decided to not allow print screens. Had to close and re-open a few programs before I could do so again, but the damage was already done. Oh well.

I went on and tried E-4 as well, but it’s been turning into a RNG-fest so far. Really hard to get a clean kill on the boss, but even GETTING there is a huge challenge. Blah.

Oh, and it rained during the afternoon, which was nice, though I hope it doesn’t continue while I’m heading to the office tonight.


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